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For Honor Ranked Icons and Tiers Unearthed in Latest Data Mining

Another round of data mining by community members has unearthed new For Honor ranked icons, alongside new ranked tiers for the competitive audience.

Provided that the information is legitimate, Ubisoft plans to split the players of the game into the following ranked tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. These will house new Kill Ranked Icons, Duel Ranked Icons, and Objective Ranked Icons.

There is no information on how the skill ratings will work and the number of games required to advance through the different tiers. In addition, the data mining failed to uncover any rewards that the community might receive at the end of the season based on their respective ranked ratings.

It should be noted that Ubisoft previously stated that it would only introduce a ranked game mode once it is done bringing stability to the servers and solutions to various issues with the game’s online infrastructure. With recent weekly updates, the developer is probably closer to achieving its goal.

Furthermore, the data mining also uncovered files that mention the addition of “tournaments” to For Honor. Ubisoft might be planning to host monthly or even weekly community tournaments to expand on the competitive scene. To make it worthwhile, the developer will be offering “loot” for the victors. New images detail “Tournament Loot Quality Icons” that feature six placements. That is six different types of loot boxes for the top six players. There is no information on what the loot will hold, but is likely to feature currency and cosmetic items.

Ubisoft is yet to confirm when it plans to introduce the new ranked game mode. With the For Honor ranked icons in the wild, an official announcement should be around the corner.

The complete set of images from the data mining can be found here. They also show some of the new emblem borders that might be added in the future.

For Honor received a whole batch of new emotes and executions last week. Each class received one new emote and execution as part of a new update. You can go through the new cosmetic upgrades here.