Counter-Strike Pro Asks Valve to Start Listening and Stop “Being F**king Idiots”

Ryan “fREAKAZOiD” Abadir, starting member of the Counter-Strike roster of Echo Fox, has a steaming message for Valve and its competitive handling.

While streaming last week, Abadir pointed out issues with how the developer continues to enforce changes without holding any discussions with professional players.

In every popular competitive game, the development team is usually in close contact with a few community members who share their insight over upcoming changes. In the case of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve is often accused of going ahead with what it believes to be the best solution.

Abadir stated that “just because you made the game, doesn’t mean you know what makes it better.” He added that the management at Valve is least concerned with what the community thinks about the game. Pointing out the importance of involving players and getting their feedback, Abadir highlighted how it would just make the game better and more consistent.

However, he did not just stop there. Continuing with the rant, the professional Counter-Strike player asked Valve to “stop being so stubborn and have your heads up your asses.” Start listening to the players and stop “being f**king idiots.”

The heated message arrives after Valve recently removed the Negev and the R8 Revolver out of competitive play for a rework. When the two weapons were reintroduced, the players were left with puzzled expressions.

The Negev had not only been reduced to just $2000 but it featured a laser-like accuracy after the first few rounds. The accuracy was so overpowering that many players began pre-firing before turning the corner and then shredding down opponents with ease.

ESL immediately decided to ban the weapons from all of its upcoming competitions, at least until Valve has balanced the new effects. As far as the professional players are concerned, they believe that had the developer come to them in the first place, they could have discussed on a more plausible rework.

As things stand, the Negev in particular is a weapon that the community wants out of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as soon as possible.