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What’s the Confusion Over Star Wars Battlefront 2 Season Pass?

Ever since the reveal of Star Wars Battlefront 2’s trailer there has been conflicting information regarding the game’s season pass as well as the offline split-screen co-op mode.

News outlets like Xbox Wire reported that offline split-screen co-op is exclusive to Xbox One. However, the official Battlefront 2 website clearly mentions that co-op is not exclusive to Xbox One. It will also be available on PlayStation 4, however, no PC version of this feature is planned which makes sense.

Couch co-op is a console thing so it doesn’t really matter if it is or is not available on PC.

Now, regarding the season pass we heard that there is none. EA DICE announced that there won’t be any Star Wars Battlefront 2 season pass. But the latest statement from EA is causing confusion as EA is not ready confirm nor deny a season pass.

EA says:

While we’re not ready to confirm any live service plans just yet, what we can say is this we heard the feedback from our Battlefront community loud and clear. We know they want more depth, more progression, and more content. So we’re focused on delivering that in every dimension of Star Wars Battlefront II. We’ll have more to share about our plans soon.

Still, I think it is safe to say that EA is getting rid of the traditional season pass but the company is looking for an alternative. It surely has something in the bag but isn’t ready to announce its plans just yet.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Season Pass, what are thoughts on its removal? Right direction of the game? Take to the comments and let us know.