Star Wars Battlefront 2 Reveal Trailer Is Out, Hints At An Interesting Campaign Set In Original Trilogy Timeline

After days of eager anticipation and avoiding the leaked version, the full and official Star Wars Battlefront II reveal trailer is finally here courtesy of the Star Wars Celebration event.

As many had hoped, the sequel to the 2015’s ho-hum Battlefront is finally bringing back the story mode which had been a part of the original game series.

This time around, it seems as if Dice is also paying special attention to making a decent story, something the developers are not well known for.

The Star Wars Battlefront II trailer reveals that players will be put in the shoes of Imperial soldiers who were busy fighting the Empire’s battle on Endor when the Death Star exploded. Despite the destruction, these soldiers seem to be loyal to the Empire and Emperor Palpatine.

As Janina Gavankar’s character, who is most probably the lead in the game, mentions, these soldiers are now on a mission to avenge their Emperor.

Despite not having any official mission given to them, they have taken it upon themselves to hunt down and destroy the rebellion as well as those responsible for the destruction of the Death Star, including Luke Skywalker.

Since the story seems to be set in the timeline of the Original Trilogy, after the events of Return of the Jedi, it is clear that the claim that the game will cover all three eras of the Star Wars canon, applies to the multiplayer mode.

Judging from the game engine footage shown in the trailer, the multiplayer will once again bring back fights between Heroes and Villains. The multiplayer, always a strong point for Dice games, will feature heroes and villains from the prequel trilogy, original trilogy as well as the sequel trilogy with characters like Kylo Ren, Rey, Yoda and Darth Maul being playable.

It is unclear at this moment as to exactly which of the multiplayer modes will be available at launch. Hopefully Dice has learned from the 2015 Battlefront game and introduces space battles at launch.

Star Wars Battlefront II is scheduled to release on 17th November 2017. It is being developed by Dice with Criterion Games and Motive Studios helping out. Pre ordering the game will get players access to the heroes and villains from the upcoming The Last Jedi movie.