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Sleepy Hollow Actress Confirms Her Star Wars Battlefront 2 Character

Janina Gavankar, known for her role in Sleepy Hollow, has confirmed her Star Wars Battlefront 2 character, Iden Versio. She is playing a stormtrooper commander in the upcoming game from EA.

The speculation of her involvement in the game came right after the first teaser trailer. However, at the time it was not confirmed if the character we saw was indeed Gavankar.

She took to Twitter earlier and finally confirmed her Star Wars Battlefront 2 character.

Her story is based around vengance and the trailer gave us a look at her entire squad. Interestingly, the story of Star Wars Battlefront 2 is penned by Walt Williams, the man behind Spec Ops: The Line. Former IGN editor Mitch Dyer also contributed to the story of Battlefront 2.

Considering how Spec Ops: The Line was packed with surprise twists and turns, one must expect Battlefront’s story to be a thrill ride as well.

The trailer is the biggest EA has ever produced and gave us a in-depth look at the game, new features, and characters. Legends such as Master Yoda and Darth Maul are a part of the new game.

The main story line is the result of constent criticism from the community over the lack of content in offline modes. Even Stormtrooper Finn from The Force Awakens wanted more from Star Wars Battlefront.