Overwatch Uprising Tips and Strategies Guide – Payload Tips, How to Play as Reinhardt, Tracer, Mercy, and Torbjorn

Overwatch Uprising, a new PVE cooperative brawl that pits heroes against waves of destructive robots, is available now and comes in two variants.

In the first form, players can choose to play as Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy, or Torbjorn. In the second form, you’re not restricted to a handful of heroes and can play as anyone you prefer.

Your efforts and time invested in Overwatch Uprising won’t go unnoticed. In addition to 10 new skins, you’ll earn Uprising Loot Boxes unlocking new cosmetic skins, highlights, emotes, and sprays.

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Overwatch Uprising Tips and Strategies Guide

In our Overwatch Uprising Tips and Strategies Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about playing the new PVE game mode.

Understanding Overwatch Uprising

The 4-player co-op event takes place on the King’s Row map. Your job is as simple as it can get: complete all the mission objectives. The first of these is to disable the defense cannons. Doing so can take a while and you’ll have to defeat enemies in the process.

After you’re done with the defense cannon, you’ll need to head to the payload position and fend off enemy waves. It’s an important phase and you must do everything in your ability to complete it.

Once you’ve repaired the payload, you’ll have to escort it through the final checkpoint on the map. Do note that you should be able to revive your fallen teammates but if everyone is down, the game ends.

Overwatch Uprising – Hero Tips


Thanks to your shield, it’s your primary job to protect your teammates from Bastion and other damage sources. Try to communicate with your teammates and get rid of these damage sources as quickly as possible.

Apart from Bastion, Eridactor is another enemy that you need to deal with due to its large shield. Finally, use your Fire Strike ability to deal with weaker foes as well.


While playing as Mercy, your primary job is to keep your teammates healthy. I also suggest dishing out some damage but only when the need arises.

Try to manually revive your teammates as much as you can and only use your Ultimate Ability when absolutely necessary.


As Tracer, you need to flank the high priority targets and deal damage to them. However, since you have the least HP among the four, make sure to utilize Torbjorn’s armor packs as much as possible.

Make sure to use your abilities to avoid getting caught in the middle of a fight and try to avoid staying in one place for extended durations of time.


As Torbjorn, your primary job is to use your turrets to cover all entry and exit points on the map. By using your turrets, you should easily be able to deal with weaker foes in a matter of seconds.

I also suggest using your turret to cover the payload and make sure that it gets repaired swiftly.

Overwatch Uprising – General Tips and Strategies

  • Always try to revive your teammates instead of dying alone
  • Try to lure the first Orisa and deal with her before moving to other enemies
  • If you’re going to die, try to be in a place where it’s easy for your teammates to revive you
  • As Tracer, try to get rid of enemies’ shield first and ask your teammates to lend you some firepower

This is all we’ve on our Overwatch Uprising Tips and Strategies Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!