Overwatch Uprising Guide – How to Surive the Legendary Difficulty, Tips and Strategies

Overwatch Uprising Guide to help you survive on the Legendary difficulty which is the highest difficulty setting with our tips and strategies

Overwatch Uprising is a new PVE cooperative brawl that pits the heroes against waves of enemies. The mode has different difficulty options with Legendary being the most difficult.

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Overwatch Uprising Guide

In our Overwatch Uprising Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about playing the mode on Legendary difficulty.

Altering the Team Composition

It goes without saying that Tracer in Overwatch is one of the squishiest heroes in the game. Due to this, I suggest picking up Bastion instead of Tracer.

Like Tracer, Bastion brings a consistent source of damage to your team. This is important in Overwatch Uprising. Moreover, with Mercy on your team, you should be able to boost Bastion’s damage whenever possible!

Set Up An Impenetrable Defense

With Bastion on your team, you need to guard the choke points and dish out constant damage. With the help of your teammates, you should be able to set up an impenetrable defense.

In addition to Bastion, Torbjorn should also set up his turrets in a way that there are no flanking positions available to enemies. Finally, Reinhardt’s role is pretty clear! Use Fire Strike ability to clear out weaker foes and provide shield whenever necessary.

Defending the Payload

When it comes to defending the payload, you need to set up Bastion at the top of the payload. Torbjorn’s turrets, on the other hand, need to set up in a way that they protect Bastion from flanks.

Coming to enemies, you need to focus fire on Detonators as they are capable of dealing a massive amount of damage in no time. However, as soon as you see the first Bastion, focus it with all you have. By the time, the second enemy Bastion arrives, you must have dealt with the first one and all the Detonators in the area.

Escorting the Payload

While moving the payload, you need to make sure to keep your eyes open and fend off attacks from all directions. Make sure that Reinhardt is leading with his shield up to fend off any Detonators ahead.

Other than this, it’s a simple matter of fending off the attacks with everything at your disposal. Once again, understand that the key targets include Detonators and Bastions in Tank Mode.

Surviving the Final Section

When it comes to surviving the final section, you need to make sure that you deal with the first Orisa and Bastion as quickly as possible!

Once done, move a little ahead and deal with the second Orisa and Bastion in the same manner. In the third area, you’ll face a pair of Orisa, a Bastion, and some mobile enemies. But since there’s some decent cover in the area, you should be able to do just fine.

During the final push, make sure to stay behind Reinhardt’s shield at all times and be prepared to dive behind cover as soon as the shield runs out. The final section is a test of patience more than anything else so try to take it slow and you should be good!

This is all we’ve on our Overwatch Uprising Legendary Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!