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Mothergunship Director Talks About The Possibility Of 4K60 On PS4 Pro

Mothergunship, the multi platform bullet-hell FPS announced back in February is coming to PS4 which of course makes people wonder exactly how the game will perform on PS4 Pro.

Gamingbolt recently had a chance to talk to Joe Mirabello, the game director of Mothergunship, regarding the PS4 Pro features of the game.

Given how closely the game resembles 2016’s Doom, many are expecting the game to be at least able to run at a locked 60FPS. Since PS4 Pro is capable of 4K, it is natural that owners of the high end console would expect the game to run at 4K and 60 frames.

Regarding this, Joe wasn’t exactly sure. While he was excited for the possibility of 4K60 and considered it “glorious” for the game, he did mention that he couldn’t confirm whether the developers would be able to deliver that performance or not.

Not sure yet. 4k/60fps sounds glorious, but it really depends on how crazy we want the situations the player ends up in to get

Considering the game’s use of particle effects and crazy scenarios, it is highly likely that if it were to go 4K, native 4K would be out of question and the game will instead rely on checkerboard rendering to upscale.

Joe also touched on the possibility of a Nintendo Switch version for Mothergunship. While he was excited about the possibility, he clarified that there were no plans for it right now and the team wasn’t even sure if Switch would be the right platform for the game.

Developed by Grip Digital, the makers of games like Solus Project and QUBE, Mothergunship is scheduled to release some time in 2017 for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Given the power of Project Scorpio, it is possible that the developers might be able to achieve 4K60 on Microsoft’s console.