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A Fallout New Vegas Cosplayer Gets Mistaken For Terrorist In Canada

There are gamers out there who are passionate about their favorite games and even do cosplays of their favorite game characters. However, one Fallout New Vegas Cosplayer was mistaken to be a terrorist.

If you are going to get your costume from your tailor it is best that you might avoid wearing it on the way to the tailor. One Fallout New Vegas Cosplayer is Canada walked through Grand Prairie with full armor and New California Republic flag which caused some concerned citizen to call the cops out of fear of a bomb.

It was the silver-painted Pringles cans on this Fallout New Vegas Cosplayer’s back which were mistaken for a bomb. According to CBC News, at least 8 police officers responded to the situation with long guns.

The cosplayer made it to the tailor, at which point the officers called the owner and asked him to leave through the backdoor which he did. However, soon after the RCMP made contact with the Fallout New Vegas cosplayer and came to the conclusion that they were mistaken.

In related news, Bethesda has been working on a virtual reality version of their popular Fallout 4. According to AMD Corporate Vice President, Roy Taylor, Fallout 4 VR will be an industry changer event much like the original Super Mario Bros and Sonic The Hedgehog.

We are happy that the situation came to a pleasant conclusion as we live in a world where people kill others over AMD vs Nvidia debate.