Hearthstone: Best Journey to Un’Goro Priest Decks

By   /   Apr 17, 2017

We are fairly early in the launch of Journey to Un’Goro, the new expansion pack for Hearthstone. However, professional players and streamers have already begun to experiment with the new round of cards. Here are some of the most top-rated Journey to Un’Goro Priest decks that you might find interesting.

Do note that the decks are arranged in no specific order. In addition, considering that we are just in the starting weeks of the expansion, it is possible that a deck might not work out for you. Hearthstone features a number of different play-styles. A deck may prove excellent for one player but not for another. Hence, keep experimenting and have fun while you’re at it.

Lastly, if you have your own Journey to Un’Goro Priest decks that you consider to be viable, do comment below so that we can add them to our list.

Journey to Un’Goro introduced a new gameplay mechanic to Hearthstone called Legendary Quests. Most decks running rampant on the ranked ladder are built around them. However, this is not true for all the classes. Do read our opinion on the best and worst Legendary Quests to get a better understanding of the viability of each class when opting to side with the new feature.

Un’Goro Purify Priest Deck

Played By: Level_9001
Cost: 5,100 Dust

Class CardsNeutral Cards
Circle of Healing (2)Ancient Watcher (2)
Silence (2)Sunfury Protector (1)
Inner Fire (2)Humongous Razorleaf (2)
Northshire Cleric (2)Faceless Shambler (2)
Power Word: Shield (2)Bittertide Hydra (1)
Divine Spirit (2)
Embrace the Shadow (1)
Purify (2)
Shadow Visions (2)
Kabal Talonpriest (2)
Auchenai Soulpriest (1)
Mass Dispel (1)
Lyra the Sunshard (1)

Un’Goro Mid-Range Purify Priest Deck

Played By: Brawl97
Cost: 4,260 Dust

Class CardsNeutral Cards
Silence (2)Ancient Watcher (2)
Inner Fire (2)Sunfury Protector (2)
Northshire Cleric (2)Acolyte of Pain (2)
Power Word: Shield (2)Humongous Razorleaf (2)
Divine Spirit (2)Defender of Argus (2)
Purify (2)Faceless Shambler (2)
Shadow Visions (2)
Shadow Word: Pain (1)
Kabal Talonpriest (2)
Kabal Songstealer (1)
Lyra the Sunshard (1)

Un’Goro Mid-Range Priest Deck

Played By: Brian Kibler
Cost: 6,020 Dust

Class CardsNeutral Cards
Northshire Cleric (2)Tar Creeper (2)
Potion of Madness (1)Elise the Trailblazer (1)
Power Word: Shield (2)Medivh, the Guardian (1)
Mana Geode (2)
Radiant Elemental (2)
Shadow Visions (2)
Shadow Word: Pain (2)
Kabal Talonpriest (2)
Shadow Word: Death (2)
Priest of the Feast (2)
Holy Nova (2)
Kabal Songstealer (1)
Lyra the Sunshard (1)
Dragonfire Potion (2)
Free From Amber (1)

Un’Goro N’Zoth Mid-Range Priest Deck

Played By: Zetalot
Cost: 11,220 Dust

Class CardsNeutral Cards
Crystalline Oracle (1)Dirty Rat (1)
Northshire Cleric (1)Doomsayer (1)
Potion of Madness (1)Loot Hoarder (1)
Power Word: Shield (1)Igneous Elemental (1)
Radiant Elemental (1)Tar Creeper (1)
Shadow Visions (1)Kazakus (1)
Shadow Word: Pain (1)Tol’vir Stoneshaper (1)
Kabal Talonpriest (1)Servant of Kalimos (1)
Shadowform (1)Cairne Bloodhoof (1)
Shadow Word: Death (1)Tortollan Primalist (1)
Thoughtsteal (1)N’Zoth, the Corruptor (1)
Greater Healing Potion (1)
Priest of the Feast (1)
Shifting Shade (1)
Holy Nova (1)
Kabal Songstealer (1)
Lyra the Sunshard (1)
Raza the Chained (1)
Dragonfire Potion (1)

Un’Goro N’Zoth Quest Priest Deck

Played By: Krewger
Cost: 12,420 Dust

Class CardsNeutral Cards
Awaken the Makers (1)Bloodmage Thalnos (1)
Crystalline Oracle (2)Loot Hoarder (2)
Shadow Visions (2)Volatile Elemental (1)
Shadow Word: Pain (1)Eggnapper (1)
Mirage Caller (2)Stonehill Defender (2)
Shadow Word: Death (1)Barnes (1)
Shifting Shade (2)Infested Tauren (2)
Tortollan Shellraiser (2)Elise the Trailblazer (1)
Holy Nova (1)Cairne Bloodhoof (1)
Dragonfire Potion (2)N’Zoth, the Corruptor (1)
Free From Amber (1)

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