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Xbox Digital Refunds Currently Under Testing In Xbox Insiders Program

Xbox digital refunds are apparently being tested in the Xbox Insiders program by Microsoft, bringing the Xbox Store in line with services like Steam and a variety of other online and digital retailers. The feature is currently included in the alpha version of the latest Xbox One Insider patch.

So far, the digital refunds policy appears to be similar to that of Steam’s. Refunds are only available if you’ve had it for less than two weeks and have less than two hours of play on it.

DLC season passes and add-ons aren’t available for refund, the game/app must have been downloaded and launched before they’re eligible for refunds, and you have to wait one day to refund a recently-released game.

One of the main differences is that Steam does allow players to get refunds on DLC, but what’s important is that Microsoft is blazing a trail.

The Xbox digital refunds policy will be the first one available for digital purchases on a main console. Purchases on the Playstation Network and the Nintendo eShop are non-refundable.

The refund policy could help when a player buys a game and tries it out but ends up not liking it, and with the two-week and two-hour time limit to return a game, along with other requirements, can hopefully keep gamers from abusing the system.

That being said, the reason the Xbox digital refunds system is currently only available for Xbox Insiders is so that Microsoft can see how it works and fill up any cracks and fix any problems that pop up with it during that time.

So, if you think you won’t like some of the games that will be coming out in a portion of this year, but still want to try them out, you might take advantage of the Xbox digital refunds program to keep some of your money when the service is released.