Final Super Smash Bros Amiibos Revealed In Nintendo Direct

The final set of Super Smash Bros amiibos have been revealed at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. We’ll be getting two variants of Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta, and these will be the last amiibo figurines that the current Super Smash Bros game will be releasing on the Wii U and the 3DS.

Amiibos are a late-run addition to the Wii U. In Super Smash Bros, you were able to buy an Amiibo character and sync its data to the Wii U.

In Super Smash Bros the amiibo program would fight and learn, going from what would be something like a person who’s never played games before, to an expert.

The Corrin amiibo is the male and female versions of the character that are playable in Fire Emblem Fates.

The Bayonetta amiibos are the two different versions of her that in Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2. Cloud has a similar variant, switching between his Final Fantasy 7 outfit and his Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children outfits.

All three of these characters have been available as downloadable fighters in Super Smash Bros, with Bayonetta, the most recent one, being added in February of last year after an online poll.

All three of the Super Smash Bros amiibos will be available on June 21, roughly three months away.

All three of these different variants of Super Smash Bros amiibos will give some of the most popular characters (and most broken, if concerns about Bayonetta are to be believed) their own amiibos.

With two different variants for every person, you can pick and choose which variant of the three characters you would like.

For instance, if you like Cloud’s stylish coat from Advent Children, or Bayonetta’s shortened hair from Bayonetta 2, or you want to play as the gender of Corrin that you actually picked for your playthrough of Fates.

Either way, look out for the new Super Smash Bros amiibos coming on June 21.