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Pokemon Go Easter Event Offers More Pokemon From 2KM Eggs

With Easter around the corner, a Pokemon Go Easter event is starting up and promises a lot of new Pokemon being offered. According to the description of its “Eggstravaganza” event, 2 kilometer eggs, which require you to walk for two kilometers before they hatch, will now have a greater variety of Pokemon.

In addition to a larger variety of hatched Pokemon, each of these eggs will also net you extra candy when they hatch.

And, in addition to all of that, players will also get double XP for the actions you undertake while playing the game. So, if you have some Lucky Eggs you haven’t used, you can start them and jump up a few levels.

Pokemon Go has slipped off the radar somewhat since it came out back in July of last year, but various improvements to its mechanics, along with adding a number of Generation II Pokemon in the time since then, has helped get the game some of its fans back.

Niantic, the company that’s running the whole game, has also said that the Pokemon Go Easter Event will only be the start of a number of other changes. These changes include things like new features, a co-op mode, and more.

With over 65 million currently active players, Niantic has good motivation to keep adding onto the game.

The Pokemon Go Easter event will be running from today, April 14, to April 20, next Thursday. So, if you still have Pokemon Go on your phone, go out for a walk and try to pick up some eggs so that you can hatch out a bunch of new Pokemon!

Not to mention, by going out on walks to hatch your Pokemon eggs, you’ll probably lose some weight from the physical activity, which is always a plus. So, go out there and go hatch some eggs!