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Hackers Are Willing To Break Into The Nintendo Switch Despite The $20,000 Bug Bounty

Nintendo Switch has been hugely successful and openly accepted by gamers all over the world and we know that it has already been hacked and broken into but that process has not been revealed to the public yet.

If you were wondering when and whether or not this will become common then you will be glad to know that hackers are willing to break into the device even know Nintendo is offering hackers huge amounts in order to report bugs and help make the platform safer.

Hackers believe that there is a lot of potential when it comes to the Nintendo Switch and that there is a future in homebrew software that will allow for piracy in the future. This could develop into a whole community as well.

According to one hacker:

[Nintendo is] nowhere near where Sony’s at with protecting their IP and their consoles from exploits and hacking. So, it’s just like every other Nintendo console at this point.

Nintendo Switch

This is no surprise considering how easily and quickly the Nintendo Switch was broken into even though it was only out for a few days at that time. If the protection is weak then it is just a matter of time before hackers introduce tools for people to hack into their personal devices and take advantage of free games and what not.

It is interesting that hackers are willing to ignore the enormous amount of money that the company is willing to pay if they report the same information to Nintendo.

Looking at this information it is possible that we will be able to get a Nintendo Switch hack sometime in the future. Right now we do not know how long that might take.

Let us know what you think about hackers wanting to break into the device and whether or not you would be interested in something like this.