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League of Legends Mid-Season Update Adds Support Quests

A couple of new changes with the League of Legends mid-season update will work in tandem to make supporting more attractive and appealing for the community.

Posting on the official forums, Riot Games noted that League of Legends falls short in “rewarding or recognizing the contributions of non-carry roles.” By adding new in-game visual effects, the developer hopes to provide more clarity on the successful use of summoner spells and active items.

The League of Legends mid-season update will also add reworked icons for crowd-control effects, and force effect types to be shown in the form of text above health bars. In addition, the end-of-game statistics are being improved to show how long players used crowd-control effects on their enemies, and the impact of their warding.

However, visual indicators are not the only features that supports should be looking forward to. Riot Games is introducing “Support Quests” that are directed at “rewarding supports with powerful benefits for mastering the gameplay of their items.”

Earning enough gold with the starting support items will complete the quest and evolve the item to grant a new effect:

  • Ancient Coin line: Gain an elixir that instantly grants a skill point when consumed (you still have a max of 18 skill points per game, meaning you’ll finish leveling your abilities at level 17). Takedowns on enemy champions grant gold and restore mana.
  • Relic Shield line: Gain a shield that regenerates out of combat
  • Spellthief’s Edge line: Tribute procs grant a burst of movement speed

The new Ancient Coin is particularly interesting. According to Riot Games, standing idly around to reap gold from minions was “pretty boring.” Hence, the item is getting a redesigned passive to drop coins from dead minions that either restore mana or grant gold. Note that after one coin type has spawned, the next is guaranteed to be the other type.