League of Legends Mid-Season Update Changes for Maokai, Sejuani, and Zac

For those unaware, the upcoming League of Legends mid-season update focuses majorly on overhauling tanks to boast distinct identities.

Posting on the official forums, the developer reiterated that tanks are currently in dire need of more mastery and skill expression. They need to have more options during skirmishes, rather than simply engaging and leaving their allies to do the rest.

We have already read about some of the changes that Riot Games has been considering to release for Maokai, Sejuani, and Zac. Today, we finally know the finalized version of how these three champions will work after the arrival of the League of Legends mid-season update.

Sapling Toss (E) has been tweaked so that saplings deal more damage when tossed into brushes. This not only grants strategical value but also consideration to his clearance speed in the jungle. In addition, Sap Magic (Passive) now operates on a cooldown that can be reduced through enemy and his own spells.

The Twisted Treant has also received a new ultimate ability called Nature’s Grasp to replace Vengeful Maelstrom (R). It unleashes a wave of entangling vines to root the first enemy champion hit.

A redesigned Permafrost (E) allows all nearby allies to apply stacks of Frost. Once a target has reached maximum stacks, Sejuani can stun them by reactivating the ability. In addition, Sejuani attacking a frozen target shatters them for bonus damage.

Frost Armor (Passive) now grants bonus resistances and immunity to slows. Flail of the Northern Winds (W) has been changed as well to apply stacks of Frost in all directions while Bristle continues to move around.

Most importantly, Glacial Prison (R) no longer stuns targets in an area. Instead, the ultimate ability unleashes a freezing zone that slows all enemies inside.

The Secret Weapon is getting two new forms of crowd-control abilities. Stretching Strike (Q) allows Zac to latch onto targets and smash them together. Much like the others, Zac is also getting a new ultimate ability.

Let’s Bounce! (R) now works in two phases. On cast, Zac flattens himself into a puddle and has the option to charge up for a few seconds. If he lets go without charging, he’ll bounce in place and knock back nearby enemies. If he stays in puddle form for at least a second, he flings all enemies standing above him to a targeted location.