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The Last of Us 2 Fan Theory: The Problem With Your New “Joel is Not Dead” Idea

The Last of Us 2 fan theory about Joel being dead and appearing in the game only as a figment of Ellie’s imagination is quite popular.

The reveal trailer gave us a look at Ellie and Joel in a way that raised questions regarding Joel’s existence. The footage was very vague but we know Naughty Dog likes to play with our minds with its trailers to keep us guessing.

The actress playing Ellie, Ashley Johnson, recently took to Twitter and posted a very interesting image. The following Tweet shows an image of Johnson and Troy Baker taking a selfie during motion capture.

Seeing this, fans instantly started to theorize that may be Jeol is not dead as Troy Baker is doing motion capture for the character. There is just one problem with Jeol no dead theory, even as a figment of Ellie’s imagination Troy Baker must do motion capture for the character to appear in The Last of Us 2.

So even with this Tweet, we can not say for sure if Joel is alive or dead. Without Motion Capture, Troy’s Jeol can not appear in the game; it doesn’t matter if he’s dead or alive.

In both situations, we need motion capture for the character.

What is your The Last of Us 2 fan theory? Do you think Joel is dead and if so, will you be able to handle it well? How will that affect your experience? Take to the comments and let us know.