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Frostkeep Studios is Taking Its Learning From WoW to Improve REND

Former World of Warcraft developers are working on a game called REND, a beautiful fantasy survival game set to release on PC. Speaking with Segmentnext, Frostkeep, the developer, said that the team is using its learnings from World of Warcraft for REND.

The studio claims that it will be offering an experience players don’t usually get with survival games. They will truly deliver on the promise of war which they believe most players don’t get to experience.

Moreover, nothing seems to be permanent in REND developers say that players will find everything they worked for destroyed after logging back in one day.

We will be offering an experience to players that they don’t usually get with the survival genre. In this genre, there’s often a promise of war that most players don’t get to experience. After playing for some time, players will log back on one day to find everything they worked towards is gone or destroyed.

The studio went to say:

We are taking our learnings from World of Warcraft where we asked why things are done the way they are. You find answers you either accept or try to find a different solution. We decided to shake up the genre a bit more by adding factions that add a sense of community to the game.

Players need to work together towards a common goal to survive the world of Rend. We think players will be driven to compete – having waves of creatures attacking players’ bases at pre-determined times – similar to horde mode found in other games – having a goal, a win/loss

REND is going into early access this Spring!