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Battlefield 1 Netcode and Hit-Detection Further Improved on CTE

The Community Test Environment (CTE) has received another update that further improves the Battlefield 1 netcode and server-side hit-detection.

The developer is handing a penalty to all players with pings over 100 ms to lower the chance of others being hit around corners. The game’s online algorithm has been adjusted to better calculate lag compensation, which will work alongside new network settings that have been tweaked to prioritize hit-information above everything else.

The network latency warning icons now have a lower threshold, and better extrapolation for jittery players should make moving around much smoother than before. In addition, the developer is claiming that the loading times have been reduced to make sure players are able to join ongoing matches quicker.

Furthermore, the Battlefield 1 netcode improvements will allow players to trade kills. Provided that the victim managed to fire his weapon before dying, the game will take into account the bullet damage for a “fair” trade.

The patch notes below detail all the new ways through which DICE is tackling community concerns around the Battlefield 1 netcode and hit-detection system.

  • Fixed jitter for spectator when movement starts.
  • Replaced Ping in Scoreboard by Latency for all platforms.
  • Players with a connection above 100ms will have to lead their shot as server side hit detection is performed, indicated by icon in upper right corner. This should lower the hit around corner
  • effects and impede a penalty for high ping players to hit players.
  • Improved extrapolation handling for jittery players. Movement should now be much smoother and allow the other clients to have better hit detection on those.
  • Lowered thresholds for network latency warning icons. Latency: Yellow 90ms Red: 200ms.
  • Fixed issue with grenade unspawning when owner died. When you dropped a grenade right before you died, it previously just disappeared.
  • Allow bullet damage from killed players if the victim got his shot off while he was still alive. This will allow killtrades, but in a fair manner.
  • Improved level loading times during network syncing phase. Will improve the time joining into ongoing matches.
  • Prioritize hit information over other information during networking.
  • Fixed issue where bullet impact FX would appear at the wrong impact positions.
  • Moved hit effect in more sync with networked shooter/shooting.
  • Changed warning icons to use average fps for fps instead of CPU spikes.
  • Improved algorithm of calculating lag compensation.

DICE has been focusing hard on improving the online capabilities of Battlefield. A previous CTE update from last month brought improvements to the netcode as well. All the changes, and more, should hit live servers later this month.