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Rainbow Six Siege May Have Just Received a Barbed Wire Nerf

Ubisoft is alleged to have released a stealth update this week on the Technical Test Server (TTS) of Rainbow Six Siege to introduce a Barbed Wire nerf.

The confirmation arrives through the players, and not the developer who is yet to officially confirm the changes. According to several threads on Reddit, the Barbed Wire in Rainbow Six Siege can now be destroyed with two hits rather than three. In addition, the gadget no longer poses an obstacle to roaming enemy soldiers as they are able to walk and run through the wires a lot faster than before.

Keep in mind that any changes on the TTS are subject to change and not guaranteed to hit the live servers. Nonetheless, many share the common belief that Ubisoft may have gone too far with the Barbed Wire nerf. Allowing players to destroy the gadget in fewer hits is fine, but the reduced mobility-slow makes the wires useless to have in a game.

There is a common and fairly useful strategy in Rainbow Six Siege, where defenders lay Barbed Wires across an entire corridor or at key doorways. This forces the attackers to rethink their entry points, giving the defending side a bit of an advantage. Jagër is already a guaranteed pick in every game, who has the unique ability of packing an extra wire. The operator ensures that his opponents either change their routes or waste precious grenades to clean out the floors.

There is speculation that Ubisoft is preparing to introduce an alternative to Barbed Wires with the release of the next expansion pack. However, without any official confirmation, we will have to wait and see if the developer is planning to do so or if the recent changes were unintentional.

In other news, Rainbow Six Siege is currently running Easter Challenges that reward players with two new Weapon Charms.