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New League of Legends Announcers Not on Riot Games’ Priority List

As astonishing as it is, Riot Games is still finding it difficult to commit to the development of new League of Legends announcers.

We’re approaching the eighth anniversary of the game, and these long years have only once replaced the current neutrally-voiced lady. The Black Market Brawlers event from 2015 had Gangplank lending his pirate voice to announce everything that was happening in the game. Unfortunately, his inclusion only lasted for a few weeks and was removed once the event concluded.

For a game that thrives on microtransactions, it is uncanny that Riot Games has never considered to release announcer packs for the community. Dota 2, for example, features various announcers that be unlocked from the shop for the player’s amusement. Valve even has gone to great lengths to hire prominent celebrities to lend their voices for its game.

According to a new post on the Nexus, working on new League of Legends announcers is not something that is currently in the high priority list of the development team. While the developer is not entirely against the idea, it is limiting new announcers to just specific events.

“These would be based on opportunity, though, and not a regular thing like say skins, game modes or champions,” said lead designer of rotating game modes Riot L4T3NCY. “If it makes sense and fits well with a particular event (and sounds awesome :D), it’s something we’d definitely explore. I wouldn’t expect them at regular intervals for now, though, and there aren’t any current plans to put the GP announcer back into rotation.”

He also confirmed that Riot Games currently has no plans to bring back Gangplank as an announcer in the near future. The only way he returns is if the Black Market Brawlers game mode is brought back into rotation.

As is the situation, fans hoping to see new League of Legends announcers hitting the shop will likely be disappointed. Those who are interested in removing the current announcer, there are ought to be custom voice packs available on the web for League of Legends.