Kapkan’s Speed Rating Could Be Increased in Rainbow Six Siege

Ever since Rainbow Six Siege was released, many from the community have been continuously pointing out that the attributes of Kapkan make no sense.

The operator’s unique gadget is an “Entry Denial Device” that can be set in a doorway or window as an explosive tripwire. During the preparation phase, Kapkan usually tries his best to booby trap the major entry points in the hopes of catching unsuspecting attackers. The problem is that he has the slowest possible movement speed in Rainbow Six Siege.

Currently, Kapkan has a Speed Rating of just one out of three. In addition, his maximum Armor Rating of three out of three makes him not only slow but also heavy.

Placing all of his traps can be a bit of challenge in certain maps, especially if he has to cover more ground. Trying to booby trap after the preparation phase has ended is even more troublesome. This is because his weight produces heavy footsteps all across the rooms, alerting nearby enemies.

The common request is that Kapkan should have his Speed Rating improved, even if it comes at the cost of his Armor Rating.

“I’m shocked the devs even considered making Kapkan a 1 speed,” pointed out a player in a recent thread. “It goes horrible with his gadget because he needs to get to those doorways to plant his EDD. The attackers know exactly where he’s going to trap because he causes mini earthquakes with each step.”

Responding to the plea, a developer confirmed that the “community opinion on Kapkan is still on the table.” While this ensures that Ubisoft is well-aware of the problem, it does not relay whether it is going to follow through or not.

Last week, data miners managed to uncover details about the upcoming new content. According to them, “Caltrop” and “Dazzler” are the names of the two new operators who will be reporting for duty next month.