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Nintendo Halts Production of Nintendo Famicom In Japan Shortly After Discontinuing NES Classic

Fans of Nintendo Famicom might be disappointed as the company has announced the production for the family computer has now been discontinued.

Relaunched in Japan last year as Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer, the Nintendo Famicom had actually been selling pretty well so the halt comes as a surprise to many.

However, there is a bit of silver lining as Nintendo has mentioned that the production has only been temporarily discontinued. If and when the production resumes, the company will have an announcement on the official website.

This news comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement from Nintendo where it revealed that NES Classic Edition has now been discontinued in North America. Both of these relaunched classic consoles were actually selling pretty well according to Nintendo since they launched last year.

The final shipment of NES Classic Edition will arrive at retailers this month, after which the console and its corresponding NES Classic Controllers will no longer be manufactured.

Even for those who aren’t big on nostalgia, this announcement can be a bit sad considering the NES Classic Controller doesn’t just work with the classic console. These controllers could also be used to play games on both Nintendo Wii and WiiU.

In their official statement to IGN, Nintendo apologized to fans while also thanking them for the great response shown towards plug-and-play devices. The company also reminded fans that these were always intended as limited edition devices hence the small production quantities.

Despite that, Nintendo did increase production of the consoles after heavy fan demand. It is unlikely that the demand has decreased substantially by now so the decision to halt production is surprising.

Perhaps Nintendo is of the view that continuing to build more NES Classic Edition and Nintendo Famicom is pointless and not worth the cost investment, it might actually take away the thunder from recently released Nintendo Switch. Although that is unlikely given how well the latest console has been selling.