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Destiny: XUR Agent Of The Nine Items And Location For April 14

Another week has passed and XUR: Agent Of The Nine is back but this week he brings something extra. So prepare your Strange Coins and Motes of Light as it is time for shopping.

In addition to the usual Exotic Gear and Curios, XUR also brings Materials to exchange. This week XUR brings Heart of the Praxic Fire, Legacy Engram and much more.

Exotic Gear

  • Legacy Engram – Special Weapon Engram – 31 SC
  • ACD/0 Feedback Fence – Titan Gauntlets – 13 SC
  • Bones of Eao – Hunter Leg Armor – 13 SC
  • Heart of the Praxic Fire – Warlock Chest Armor – 13 SC
  • Hard Light – Auto Rifle – 23SC


  • Heavy Ammo Synthesis – Consumable – 1 SC(Quantity 3)
  • Heavy Ammo Synthesis – Consumable – 3 SC(Quantity 10)
  • Three of Coins – Consumable – 7 SC(Quantity 5)
  • Glass Needles – Material – 3 SC(Quantity 1)
  • “Emerald Coil” – Vehicle Upgrade – 23 SC(Quantity 1)
  • Plasma Drive – Vehicle Upgrade – 23 SC(Quantity 1)

Material Exchange

  • Mote of Light – Strange Coin x2
  • Exotic Shard – Strange Coin x7

Bungie is quite busy as the studio is not only supporting Destiny but is also working hard to develop Destiny 2 that is scheduled to launch later this year.

There is no doubt that Destiny has a lot of fans and Xbox head, Phil SPencerm is one of them. According to Phil Spencer, Destiny 2 will be much like World Of Warcraft and will be played by gamers years after its release.

But you know, Destiny 2‘s gonna be one of these games that I expect five, six, seven years from now, people are still going to be playing that game. It’s going to be a little bit like WoW. Which you know, whatever its been, 10 years later, 15 years later, millions of people play the game.

Destiny is a first-person shooter develop by Bungie for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.