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Criterion Games Has No Plans To Release A Burnout Paradise PS4 Remaster

Given the recent trend of remasters, fans of Criterion might be disappointed to hear that there are no plans for a Burnout Paradise PS4 version.

Since the launch of the PS4 console more than 3 years ago, Burnout fans have been clamoring for either a new title in the franchise or a Burnout Paradise PS4 remaster. However, it seems like the developers have no intentions to do a remaster.

While answering a question on Twitter, the official CriterionGames account confirmed that currently there are no plans to work on a remaster for the highly popular racer. This also seems to go hand in hand with EA’s general stance of no remasters.

Whether the reason for not making a Burnout Paradise PS4 remaster is something complicated or as simple as the studio already working on another installment in the franchise is unclear at the moment.

It is also unknown whether CriterionGames actually intends on releasing more titles in the franchise or is this yet another IP that will eventually end up dying just numerous other EA properties.

Criterion itself is currently working on Star Wars Battlefront II which is under development at DICE. Since the game is expected to release later this year, the studio might finally get time off to work on their own game.

Considering that Burnout Paradise was released back in 2008 and the last racing game on which Criterion worked was Need for Speed Rivals that came out in 2013, it is high time for the studio to finally focus on what they are best at, making amazing Burnout games.

The twitter account also talked a bit more about Burnout Paradise, particularly a highly debated topic regarding vehicle explosions. According to the developers, the explosions couldn’t be made of a high enough standard to look good without compromising some of the other core systems in the game.