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Cloud Gaming Is Too Expensive But Still Has A market, Says Stardock CEO

Cloud gaming is an interesting idea which Microsoft pushed very hard at the beginning of the current generation of consoles. However, the utilization of cloud-gaming has remained minimal and all the promises of cloud gaming remain unfulfilled.

However, it is no that Microsoft was not interested in it but the fact that Cloud gaming is expensive. Speaking with GamingBolt, Stardock CEO, Brad Wardell, talked about the future of cloud gaming and whether or not it has a place in the market.

According to Brad Wardell, he was surprised that not many people have implicated the cloud gaming but acknowledged that it is also very expensive.

I’m actually surprised more people haven’t done it, but on the other hand, the cloud computing assets available to use tend to be a lot more expensive than what I would have expected. Know that we do some cloud computing with our games, and it’s proven- the services, I won’t go into them, but they’ve all seen costs way more than we would have expected.

He added that most of the people related to tech are excited about Cloud gaming, but as soon as they see the cost even they back out.

Exactly, and I think that’s- I think most of us on the tech side are excited about the cloud computing stuff, but anyone who looks at the costs goes, ‘This is really expensive!’ And that was one of the big shocks to us, it was a sticker shock, of just how much we got charged for doing stuff on the cloud.

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