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Bayonetta Gets Unofficial Fix For Its Resolution Letterboxing Issue

Sega surprised PC gamers by bringing the critically acclaimed game, Bayonetta, to PC. While the game runs near perfect on PC but there are some minor issues with the game including the letterboxing for resolutions other than 16:9.

Once dedicated gamer has taken upon himself to fix these issues that are plaguing Bayonetta. One player has released a fix that removes that letterboxing issue and another fix that centers the HUD and making the experience much more better in the process.

Fans are really happy about Bayonetta coming to PC, however, this has also sparked a wave of hope among the fans that Vanquish, another Platinum Games developed title, might be ported to PC.

However, according to Platinum Games, the decision to port their games to PC such as Vanquish can only be made the publisher Sega.

The PC market is huge and can definitely not be ignored. We are absolutely aware of that, and we’ve always felt this way.

We’ve always had a positive stance towards porting our titles to PC, but the decisions as to which platforms we release our games on, and which platforms are the main focus for the games we make are largely made by the publishers, so this is not something we can decide on our own.

Bayonetta is third-person action title developed by Platinum Games for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.