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Xbox Scorpio Dev Kit Revealed, Much Better For Game Developers

Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox Scorpio Dev Kit to Gamasutra, allowing developers that have been looking to develop a game for the upcoming console a look at what they can develop for.

The kit has also been improved slightly from the regular Scorpio so that developers can work better.

The reasoning behind the dev kit’s increased specs is because, according to Kevin Gammill, the group product director of Xbox, it’s easier to make a game with high specs and tune it down, than it is to make a game with low specs and tune it up.

The dev kit’s GPU features 44 compute units to deliver 6.6 teraflops of performance, and its RAM is doubled to 24 GB. It also contains a 1 TB SSD alongside the standard 1 TB hard drive.

This is only slightly higher than the Xbox One Scorpio’s original eight-core CPU at 2.3 GHz, a GPU with 40 Radeon compute units at 1172 MHz, and 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM with a bandwidth of 326 GB/s.

The Xbox Scorpio dev kit being more powerful than the actual console isn’t that outlandish; most game makers often make their dev kits like that.

But the power of the dev kit will hopefully allow the Scorpio to hit 4K gaming, an elusive target that both it, and its direct competitor the Playstation 4 Pro, are attempting to hit.

Gammill has said that the idea of the dev kit and the Scorpio is so that any game that can run at 900p resolution will be able to easily run at 4K resolution.

All of the adjustments that were made to the Xbox Scorpio dev kit have been made so that devs will be able to get their games running on the Scorpio in a day or two.

The Xbox One Scorpio isn’t supposed to be releasing until the holidays of this year, so hopefully all the work devs will be doing on the new kits will bear fruit.