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Microsoft Confirms 6 Year Deal With Porsche, Porsche Cars Will Be Featured Starting With Forza Horizon 3

Following the Porsche exclusivity deal expiring with EA, other racing game developers have taken this opportunity to make deals to feature Porsche cars in their games. Now Xbox has announced its 6 year deal with Porsche.

Microsoft has confirmed that the 6-year deal will allow them to feature Porsche cars in their racing titles starting with Forza Horizon 3. According to the Porsche representative:

By having Microsoft as our partner, we have the opportunity to take the pleasure of driving a Porsche and making it an experience in the virtual world. Racing games and esports connect the real and virtual worlds and enable us to gain further access to the young target group. It means that they can develop a passion for Porsche even before buying their first sports car.

Turn 10 studio head, Alan Hartman, added that this partnership is the result of the shared passion for motorsports and sports cars.

We entered this premium partnership with Porsche as a result of their shared passion for sports cars and motorsport. Porsche has a rich history of motorsport which combined with Turn 10’s unrivaled position in digital racing entertainment has formed the basis for a new and exciting form of seamlessly integrated racing entertainment.

Porsche cars will start appearing in Xbox titles starting with Forza Horizon 3 Porsche Car Pack, which is already available. Porsche Car Pack includes a series of Porsches, including classics like the 1960 718 RS 60 and newer ones like the 2017 Panamera.

However, Microsoft is not the only one to strike a deal with Porsche to feature its cars in their games, as Sony has confirmed that Gran Turismo Sport will also feature Porsche cars.

Sony made the announcement through its official Twitter account confirming that Porsche Cars will be featured in Gran Turismo Sport along with some new tracks.

Furthermore, Microsoft has announced Forza Racing Championship Season 3: The Porsche Cup, which is an eSports event.