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The Next Generation Xbox Console Is Already Being Worked On

The Xbox One Scorpio hasn’t even released yet, and it appears that Microsoft has already started to work on the next generation Xbox console. While it likely won’t be coming out until close to the end of this console generation, the new console will likely try to be even better than the current ones.

Microsoft dominated the console wars the previous generation due to the superiority of the Xbox 360 over the Playstation 3. In this current generation, however, Playstation and the Playstation 4 have proven to be much more effective this time around, mainly due to the Playstation 4’s superior hardware and the huge amount of controversy the Xbox One’s original reveal had.

This generation only started around three years ago, but already both Sony and Microsoft have ensured that the next generation will likely be more tech-heavy. The Xbox One Scorpio and the Playstation 4 Pro are both efforts to capitalize on 4K graphics and resolution by increasing the power of their consoles. Hopefully the next generation Xbox console will continue this trend.

With these new consoles coming out, it’s also likely that new games will end up working on those consoles. However, Microsoft and Sony will both likely make their next-generation consoles able to work with 4K and upgraded visuals. Hopefully, at the same time, their cost will also go down.

The rapid progression of technology between the regular Xbox One and Playstation and their premium models, however, won’t be the new norm according to Phil Spencer, the president of Xbox. In order to continue their success, they’ll be slowing down the transition so that they won’t leave a large amount of their audience behind.

Whatever the next generation Xbox console will end up being, hopefully Xbox and Microsoft will make it so that video games remain accessible to a wide variety of people, while also continuing to make the games look better.