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Kinect Was A Disaster That Fell Short On Its Promise, Says Fable Creator

Microsoft has not had best of experiences with the launch of Kinect for Xbox One as it is hated by many gamers and developers alike.

Speaking with IGN, Fable creator Peter Molyneux shared his thoughts on it, calling Microsoft’s device a trainwreck that failed to deliver on its promise.

It was a trainwreck. It started as this device which kind of could do everything itself. It didn’t take up any processor power, the field of view could encompass the whole room. The audio on it, which no one really talks about, was originally supposed to be multi-sensing, it could sense where you were.

He added that it significantly fell short of its promise and “It ended up being none of those things” and highlighted that users had to sit in a very limited region for it to work.

Its promise… was so enormous. In fact, it reminds me a little bit of VR at the moment.

According to Molyneux, the promise of the device sensing you where you were was so big but its “actual delivery of that promise fell so far short.”

However, Microsft has not lost hope for Kinect and is still committed to the device, but its success will be determined based on how users prefer and enjoy using it.

We made a decision on Xbox One S in terms of how we were going to support Kinect plugging in. We wanted to make sure that the hardware support for Kinect was there. We didn’t have the custom Kinect controller plug-in because it allowed us to kind of double-up and have a USB connector in there as well, which I think is just a good feature for the box. For me, Kinect will succeed based on how much people enjoy using it. We’re investing in things like Cortana coming to Xbox, which gives people voice control and in which obviously Kinect is a great way for voice to come into the box.

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