Great Community Solution to Expensive Nature of Journey to Un’Goro

The Hearthstone community has been up in arms since the release of Journey to Un’Goro, highlighting the tremendously expensive business model from Blizzard.

While amassing enough cards to build a viable deck has always been a challenge for casual players, the release of Journey to Un’Goro makes this process even harder. The problem lies with the introduction of new Legendary Quests, unique cards that can be matured to attain game-altering benefits.

Powerful cards have always been a part of every expansion pack in the past. What makes it different this time around is the fact that entire decks have to revolve around Legendary Quests. Unless a player is lucky enough to get them through a card pack, they must spend 1600 Dust to craft a single Legendary Quest card. Taking into account that there are nine Legendary Quest cards in the game, one for each class, the total amount comes to over 14,000 Dust.

It goes without saying that Blizzard is holding the new gameplay mechanic hostage. Players are not required to have every single Legendary Quest card in the game, but crafting even a single one is too pricey right now. Not to forget that once a player does obtain a Legendary Quest card, they must spend more to craft an entire deck around it.

A community member recently posted on Reddit in a thread discussing the expensive nature of Hearthstone, suggesting a great solution to how the Legendary Quest cards should have been in the first place.

Rather than having nine different versions, Blizzard should have released just a single Legendary Quest card that can transform itself for a specific class when it shows up in the opening hand.

For example, someone playing Warrior would have the card transform into the Warrior’s Legendary Quest. The same goes for every other class. Even if the single card comes at the same cost of 1600 Dust, it leaves players with a lot more room to spend on their decks.

“Blizzard has shown that they can make cards that change while they’re in your hand (Shifter Zerus) so they have the technology to support my suggestion,” wrote Dizzzave. “You [Blizzard] could even give players that card the way they did with C’thun, or include it as a guarantee when you pre-ordered.”

The suggestion certainly holds water and would make it easier for players to enjoy their Journey to Un’Goro experience. Hopefully, someone at Blizzard takes the option into consideration.