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Gamers React: Excitement Level for Star Wars Battlefront 2 Reveal Should Be Worrisome for EA

Star Wars Battlefront 2 reveal is just 3 days away, according to a post by EA. The teaser trailer already leaked ahead of official reveal but EA is promising the full trailer in 3 days.

Star Wars Celebration will bring the full footage but the community is more skeptical than excited. The excitement level is not what it should be and that should must worry EA.

It looks like the players can still identify the bad taste left in the mouth by the previous game. Gamers are not just critical of EA and its Star Wars game but also they have some advice for EA if the company wants this game to be a success.

Tyler L Conley – “Is this going to be a full trailer, or do we need a dlc to finish the ending of the game commercial.”

Josh Koles – “Why? the last one was nothing but a giant disappointment and ended up being all about how to rip off the customer. I’ll pass.”

Cj Pinette – “im just going to say EA if the space battles aren’t anything like the original battlefront 2 you will not have the sales you intend to pull.”

Alex Schomers – “This would be exciting if it wasn’t an EA game. How much content are they going to withhold and make us pay for later? Or the four DLC that will give us three new maps and one lame hero character.”

Nicholas A. Stokes – “Everything you make for the multiplayer better be In offline vs bots or I won’t buy plain and simple you took a game with such a strong single/couch coop and restricted it to multiplayer not everyone plays multiplayer religiously and if you keep saying it was meant to be played multiplayer tell that to the many fans who still pull out there ps2 and Xbox to play with coop with their friends….it’s pretty bad that to get my battlefront experience I sold your version and played bf2 on my ps2.”

Alex Verkley – “Won’t be fooled into pre-ordering this one. Last game was a big disappointment. Releasing it with an embarrassing amount of maps and customization.

The replay value was awful, it got incredibly boring playing the same 4 maps over and over and by they released more everyone had moved on. Fool me once, shame on me. Won’t get me again. I’ll wait and see what the game includes.”

Chris Parker – “I want to believe! However, if Galactic Conquest and a decent anti-cheat solution are not part of the new game I will forego purchasing this game regardless of the other improvements and additions.”

Joshua Sutton – “Space Battles, Galactic Conquest, Hero Mode, and Campaign.

In order for this to be a success they need to include at least 2 of these for this game to be a success.

I haven’t bought an EA/Dice game since Battlefield 4. Too few maps, not enough games, and the DLC’s have just killed them for me.

Only game I’m really excited for is Last of Us 2, and looking forward to Unknown Battlegrounds full release.”

Well, I wonder what EA has to say?

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