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Default Heroes in Overwatch Uprising Give You More Lore

We are two days into the release of Overwatch Uprising, an event that sends players back in time to relive a “pivotal moment” in the game’s history.

It introduces a new PvE cooperative brawl that pits the cast of heroes against waves of destructive robots known as Omnics, where success means stopping the uprising in King’s Row.

The mode features two forms: one where players can fill the shoes of either Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy or Torbjörn; and one in which players can choose a hero from the entire roster of Overwatch.

The former is the default cast, or the original four heroes who were involved in the Overwatch Uprising situation at King’s Row seven years ago. While Blizzard has given everyone the option to also choose other heroes from the roster, there is an added advantage of filling the shoes of the original four heroes.

Posting on the official forums, lead writer Michael Chu pointed out that the default cast features more conversations. The added dialogues between Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy and Torbjörn offer a better and more detailed overview of what happened in the past.

The community has often requested Blizzard for more lore and backstories. The current Overwatch Uprising address that request, but only if players opt to stick to just the four canon.

Do note that the additional dialogues between the cast arrive as matches are won. While players are always free to take on the roles of other heroes, the combination of the original four is what will reveal the added content.

The Overwatch Uprising event will conclude on May 1. It features over a hundred cosmetic items such as voice lines, sprays, and skins; all of which can be randomly unlocked through the limited Overwatch Uprising Loot Boxes.

This is the second PvE event to arrive for the game, following Junkenstein’s Revenge last year.