Dark Souls Publisher, Bandai Namco, Teases New Project With “Prepare To Dine” Tagline

Dark Souls publisher, Bandai Namco, has teased a new video game project with a new trailer with the tagline “prepare to dine”.

The trailer showcases some striking imagery but it is at this point without any context. The trailer gives a fantasy noir look. The tagline “prepare to dine” is even more interesting as it is a riff on the tagline of the PC version of the original Dark Souls, prepare to die.

The trailer looks quite similar to Bloodborne, however, Sony is the one who owns the rights to Bloodborne so it seems ver unlikely.

We speculate that this new game might be related to vampires as there is a lot of blood shown in the teaser. However, we can just speculate until April 20 when Bandai Namco will fully reveal the title.

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