Xbox One Backwards Compatible Black Ops 2 Now Available, And On Sale

The day has finally come for Call of Duty fans; an Xbox One backwards compatible Black Ops 2 version is now available on the Xbox One, and it’s on sale to boot.

The game is seen as one of the best Call of Duty games, with an interesting story and good gameplay.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the direct sequel to the original Black Ops game, and focuses on Woods and Mason from the first game, along with Mason’s son.

All three of them have their stories intertwined through a Colombian drug lord named Menendez, who pursues a vendetta against the United States for the death of his sister.

The game has been a much-requested backwards compatibility title ever since the service began, and it seems Call of Duty fans are finally going to be getting their wish today.

Even with a number of other highly requested games, Black Ops 2 has consistently remained one of the most requested titles for the Xbox One backwards compatibility service, with hundreds of thousands of votes to be the next game to be put on the backwards compatibility store.

The game’s campaign, in addition to all of its cool futuristic gear, also got praise for its variability; various actions you succeeded or failed in over the course of the story could affect how it plays out, ranging from the death of an important NPC to the destruction of a United States aircraft carrier.

The backwards compatible Black Ops 2 version will be joining the Xbox One library today, for $15.99 if you’re an Xbox Live Gold member.

To buy the backwards compatible Black Ops 2 version, you simply have to go to the Xbox One store, go to the backwards compatibility segment, and pay for it there. Then, once it’s installed, you’ll be able to play through what many people see as the best Call of Duty game.