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Rainbow Six Siege Issues Easter Challenges, New Ash Spring Break Bundle

The Rainbow Six Siege community has the opportunity to unlock two new Weapon Charms by completing a couple of Easter Challenges put forth by Ubisoft.

First is the Egg Hunt charm, which can be unlocked by completing a match and ranking as MVP with at least 2500 points. Second is the Fudgy Bunny charm, which follows similarly but the player needs to rank as MVP with at least 4500 points.

The Easter Challenge is already live and will be removed from Rainbow Six Siege on April 21. Make sure to unlock the new Weapon Charms by then.

Ubisoft is also taking the opportunity to introduce a new Spring Break bundle for Ash, which is available in the shop for purchase with either Renown (in-game currency) or R6 Credits (real-world currency).

“Celebrate the end of winter when you unlock Ash’s Sea Breeze headgear, Beach Souvenir charm and Piña Colada weapon skin for the R4-C assault rifle,” reads the announcement.

Ubisoft has recently been increasing its pace to release new cosmetic items for its tactical team-based shooter. Last week, a Pit Viper bundle arrived for Doc. Both it and the new Spring Break bundle of Ash were previously thought to be leaked in regards to the upcoming Hong Kong update.

A bunch of new improvements are heading for the game. This month, the developer confirmed that it is improving the hit-boxes of every operator. There is a new matchmaking system that reduces the time in queues, and several other improvements waiting to go live with the next major update.

According to the game’s Year Two roadmap, Rainbow Six Siege Season Two is scheduled to commence from May. Hence, Ubisoft should make an official announcement in the coming weeks.