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Overwatch Play of the Game Update Will Show “A Lot of Cool Stuff”

In its current state, the Overwatch Play of the Game system is unable to identify sheer skill that is not based on hordes of kills in short periods of time.

D.Va, for example, is almost guaranteed to be featured in the auto-highlights by self-destructing her mech to blow up multiple enemies in an instant. While such plays do make for an entertaining watch, they do not really constitute as the only breathtaking moments for Blizzard.

For a while now, the developer has been interested in improving the Overwatch Play of the Game algorithm to make it more smarter. That goal is about to be achieved.

In a recent interview with VICE Waypoint, game director Jeff Kaplan pointed out several other deserving plays that are never considered by the current system. Widowmaker, for example, can snipe targets at extremely long range. The feat is difficult to pull off, especially if she manages to take down multiple targets from afar. However, the moment is never picked up as the Play of the Game. Even if it was, the cameras are not in any form to give the play a more cinematic feel.

We have these ideas right now, like Sharpshooter and Life Saver, which are actually pretty cool: Sharpshooter, for example, demonstrates multiple long-range shots. The problem is that it’s they’re not shown very cinematically right now, so we would like to make some changes so that the camera tracks the action better. Same goes for Life Saver—a lot of the time you don’t even realize what’s happening, but somebody is doing something that saved somebody else’s life. Without some changes to the cameras and the cinematography of the moment, those aren’t great right now.

According to the developer, it is about “70 percent” of where it wants the feature to be. The upcoming improvements will enable the system to catch “a lot of cool stuff” to show at the end of every game. That being said, the new changes will still not make the highlights “near as awesome” as Blizzard thinks they will be some day.

Several months ago, Blizzard began talking about a “POTG 2.0” update that would introduce a lot of features for the community. The information stream has been scarce since then, but the developer has assured that it is looking to release the changes later this year.

Elsewhere, it has been confirmed that there are at least three Legendary skins in development for Hanzo.