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Nioh Dragon of the North DLC Story Details Revealed

Nioh is one of the best games to launch this year and developer Team Ninja is gearing up its efforts to release the upcoming Nioh Dragon of the North DLC. Now the devs have revealed story details for the upcoming DLC that will launch on May 2nd, 2017.

Nioh Dragon of the North DLC follows the adventures of William in the main game. “Rumours have emerged from the Oshu region that its ambitious ruler, Masamune Date (the “one-eyed dragon”) is secretly gathering spirit stones. With the Yokai flourishing in Oshu, turmoil and unrest is inevitable…”

As you battle your way through a new region with original stages, you’ll encounter these terrifying new Yokai, hell-bent on destroying you. Thankfully, you’ll be able to take advantage of a new weapon – an odachi – as well as armour, ninja skills, magic… and you’ll also gain the aid of fresh Guardian Spirits to help in your mission. And to cap it all off, Dragon of the North will also include pulse-pounding PvP features.

Also, expect more info about the upcoming DLC to be revealed as the release date for Nioh Dragon of the North gets closer.

Nioh is an excellent game and those played it are already eager to find out if there will be a sequel to the game. According to game director Fumihiko Yasuda, a sequel is still undecided, but the team is considering the possibility since the game is doing good even out from Japan.

Team Ninja considering a sequel to Nioh is hardly surprising since the game is the most successful game ever published by Koei Tecmo.

Nioh is an action-RPG developed by Team Ninja exclusively for PlayStation 4.