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Hearthstone Collection Manager Search Tags That You Might Not Know About

The Hearthstone Collection Manager is where all your cards are stored. By default, it only displays the cards that you currently own. However, heading into “crafting” opens up another window that shows all the cards that you could own or craft.

Managing hundreds of cards is beyond the ability of any individual. To make the process simpler, the Hearthstone Collection Manager has its own search bar that can be used on the fly. What many are unaware of is that the search bar is smarter than it looks.

There are several unique search tags that can be used to refine the results. Last year, Blizzard added more search tags to the Hearthstone Collection Manager, and is likely to continue doing so in the years to come.

“Extra” – Shows cards that have more than required copies. For the Standard format, Hearthstone only allows either two copies of the same card or one for Legendary cards. Hence, you will want to disenchant the duplicates.

Now, the same can be done by hitting the disenchant button in the crafting window. However, the process leaves behind Golden Cards. In other words, you might still be left with two Golden and two regular versions of the same card.

“Missing” – Shows cards that are either missing from your collection or are yet to reach the maximum limit of two (or one for Legendary cards). The same can be done by heading into the crafting window but the process is tedious.

“Golden” – Shows all the Golden cards that you currently have in your collection.

“New” – Shows only the most recent inclusions.

Numerical Search Tags
The Hearthstone Collection Manager can bring up cards based on their statistics. Here are some search tags that make that possible.

  • “attack:1” – Shows cards with an attack value of 1 (can be changed to any value).
  • “attack:3-5” – Shows cards with an attack value between 3 and 5 (can be changed to any values).
  • “health:7+” – Shows cards with a health value of 7 or greater (can be changed to any value).
  • “mana:5-“ – Shows cards with a mana cost value of 5 or less (can be changed to any value).
  • “owned:1” – Shows cards that you own a single copy of.

Abilities Search Tags
Different cards have different abilities or traits. These can be searched for to only bring up the relevant cards. Since there are hundreds of abilities, here are just a few examples to show how the search field can be used in this regard.

  • “weapon” – Shows cards that discover, equip, or buff weapons.
  • “taunt” – Shows cards that give or discover taunts.
  • “shield” – Shows cards that give or are with shields.
  • “charge” – Shows cards that give or are with charge.
  • “freeze” – Shows cards that cast the spell or can freeze enemies on hit.
  • “spell” – Shows cards that only cast spells.

Subtypes Search Tags
Hearthstone features various subtypes that break down its characters into different groups. Some decks rely on a specific subtype, making these as useful search tags to bring up relevant cards.

  • “beast” – Shows cards that relate to beasts.
  • “murloc” – Shows cards that relate to murlocs.
  • “pirate” – Shows cards that relate to pirates.