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A New GTA Online Exploit Is Draining Money From Player Accounts And Giving Them Huge Level Boosts

Hacking has been a part of the game since launch and now there is a new GTA Online exploit that targets unsuspecting, hard working players on PC and last-gen consoles.

This new GTA Online exploit employed by hackers targets players and steals millions of dollars from them with no proper way of being saved from it, besides simply not playing at all.

The official GTA Online forums have been flooded with numerous posts and videos with players showing how the GTA Online exploit targeted them and stole huge chunks of money from their in-game accounts by paying the hacker in millions after supposedly killing them in passive mode.

The exploit makes use of the mod menus which according to Tustin, a developer on PS3 GTA V mod menu, has the potential to spread across platforms.

This specific hack is even more devious in nature compared to the usual exploits used by some of the players in game. While the previous hacks allowed players to spawn large sums of money or objects such as rocks and vehicles at an insane rate, the new one can end up getting innocent players banned.

Through this exploit, hackers can grant instant RP to other players, basically giving them a huge level boost in an instant. One moment a player would be level 20 and the next they would be 2000, putting them on Rockstar’s radar.

While the developers have been working hard to crush such hacks, the lack of any proper anti cheat system in the game means all the inspection is done manually. Seeing a player jump 2000 levels in just one day would definitely trigger red flags and might end up getting the innocent player banned from the game.

Rockstar has assured that it is aware of this new GTA Online exploit and is actively working on a fix for it.