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Gamestop Introduces A New Policy Forcing Customers To Buy Extra Nintendo Switch Addons

Despite not having as impressive a launch title slate as many had hoped, Nintendo Switch is still a commercial success as is evident by pretty much every retailer being out of stock.

However, it seems that some of this increased demand might be created artificially, with people buying the console in bulk, creating a shortage and then reselling at a higher price.

Game retailer Gamestop has now come up with a way to counter this artificial demand for Nintendo Switch.

According to this new policy put forth by Gamestop, a Nintendo Switch will not be sold to consumers unless they agree to buy a custom created Gamestop bundle of the console, which is not an official bundle package from Nintendo.

In order to get their hands on the console from Gamestop, one of the few places which even has the device in stock, players must also buy several add-ons, whether they need those items or not.

Since the stock is also limited on Gamestop, whenever a customer visits the store, they are told that they can buy the console but they will need to buy it as a bundle package, which obviously costs more. These bundled items include games such as Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Lego City Undercover and Has Been Heroes.

Ultimately the cost of these bundles ends up being around $100 more than what the console retails at, forcing fans to buy something even if they are not interested in it.

As WeTheNerdy mentioned, when attempting to buy a Nintendo Switch, the Gamestop shop told them that they needed to buy the full bundle which included Breath of the Wild game, a Zelda themed case, expansion pass of the game and 1-2 Switch, another game.

Whether this policy is put in place to sell other Nintendo Switch related items and games or it is simply just an attempt by Gamestop to try and deter people from buying the console, create an artificial shortage and then sell at a high price on places like eBay is unclear.