GameCube Emulator Dolphin Seems To Be Working Really Well On Samsung Galaxy S8

Console emulation has been a big selling point of PC for ages, which the diehard PC Master Race members continue to tout. Now it seems like this feature is extending beyond PC with the new GameCube emulator.

Dolphin emulator, the most effective and well known GameCube emulator which also happens to be capable of Wii emulation, now seems to work on mobiles as well.

A recent video from GuruAidTechSupport shows the GameCube emulator running on the unreleased Samsung Galaxy S8.

The video shows the Dolphin emulator running on the yet unreleased Android smartphone while not only providing great visuals but also pretty decent performance. A big issue with emulation is replicating the performance or improving it on new hardware.

That however doesn’t seem to be an issue any more as the video shows a display model Galaxy S8 was able to run all the games tested without any trouble and only a few frame drops.

Three GameCube titles; Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Sunshine and Legend of Zelda The Wind Walker were shown in the video and all three worked beautifully.

While GameCube or Wii emulation might be easier on PC thanks to the extremely powerful hardware available as well as the ability to swap out components at will, it is definitely a big feat replicating it on smartphones.

This just goes to show how powerful the upcoming Galaxy S8 is and as GuruAidTechSupport puts it:

It’s so much better than the Galaxy S7, I don’t even know where to even start. It doesn’t even compare

The Dolphin emulator itself is free as well as open source for anyone interested in trying. The emulator can be used on Linux, Mac and Windows as well as Android. Those feeling a bit nostalgic might be interested in giving it a go and reliving their childhood/teenage memories.