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Every New Skin, Highlight Intro, and Emote Featured in Overwatch Uprising

Overwatch Uprising, a new seasonal event, went live yesterday to send players back in time to relive a “pivotal moment” in the game’s history.

Taking a break from the usual player-versus-player format, a new cooperative brawl pits the cast of heroes against a horde of destructive robots known as Omnics and stop the uprising in King’s Row.

The mode features two forms: one where players can fill the shoes of either Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy or Torbjörn; and one in which players can choose a hero from the entire roster of Overwatch.

“As always, your efforts will be rewarded,” reads the announcement. “You’ll earn Uprising Loot Boxes as you play, unlocking new cosmetic skins, highlights, emotes, and sprays themed after key moments from throughout the history of Overwatch.”

Overwatch Uprising adds ten new skins to the game, one each for the original strike team that reflects on the old days when some of the agents were fairly new recruits.

In addition, the Overwatch Uprising event also adds three new highlight intros and three new emotes.

  • Torbjorn: My Baby
  • D. Va: Selfie
  • Zenyatta: Perspective
  • Hanzo: Training
  • Soldier: 76: Push-Ups
  • Pharah: Flair

You can check out the new highlight intros and emotes, as well as know how to “celebrate the Overwatch legacy” by heading to the official website.

The Overwatch Uprising event will conclude on May 1. It features over a hundred cosmetic items such as voice lines, sprays, and skins; all of which can be randomly unlocked through the limited Overwatch Uprising Loot Boxes.

This is the second PvE event to arrive for the game, following Junkenstein’s Revenge last year.

Blizzard has already confirmed that it is working on a number of new skins. Most recently, the game’s lead writer revealed that at least three Legendary skins are in production for Hanzo. Besides him, Zarya and Sombra are also scheduled to receive new wardrobe options in the coming months.