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Another Call Of Duty World War 2 Poster Appears, Says November 3 Release

An alleged Call of Duty World War 2 poster has appeared online, showing a November 3 release date. Whether it’s accurate or not we can’t say, especially since we haven’t gotten any real confirmation about whatever Call of Duty game Sledgehammer is developing.

That studio has the series’ reigns after Infinite Warfare’s release.

There hasn’t really been any confirmation of a World War 2 Call of Duty, or even anything that Sledgehammer is working on. The various leaks about a Call of Duty that’s going back to World War 2 are also just rumors. Only a little bit of concept art has been leaked, but Sledgehammer has yet to make any real announcement.

If the Call of Duty World War 2 poster leak is true (which considering a week ago one was confirmed as fake, it probably isn’t), it might be a boon for the series; ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the series has kept to the modern era and the future, going further and further until last year gave us Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

That game got trashed before its release by being yet another future game, leading it to be the most disliked video on YouTube.

A Call of Duty that goes back to the series’s roots in World War 2 would be able to give us just as much spectacle, but without all the futuristic garbage that Call of Duty games these days seem to rely on.

That, coupled with the better engines of today, can help to make these games look just as good as the other Call of Duty games before it.

However, until the Call of Duty World War 2 poster is confirmed to be legitimate, fans will just have to wait and see what Sledgehammer says.

Either we’ll be getting a World War 2-focused game, or we’ll be getting another Advanced Warfare, which would likely be finishing up the story that the first Advanced Warfare started.