Bayonetta is Out on PC But We Want Bayonetta 2

Well, Platinum Games and SEGA finally came to realize that PC users should not be neglected. After making Bayonetta games exclusively for Nintendo platforms, the developer is bringing Bayonetta to PC.

The first game is now available to PC users and we couldn’t be excited about it. The original Bayonetta is a wonderful game and PC users should have a blast playing it. But what took them so long?

According to Platinum Games, they didn’t have much say when it comes to the platforms. It was always up to the publisher to decide what platforms to release on. Platinum Games made it clear that if it was up to their team, every Bayonetta Game is going to be ported to PC.

Well, one is done now there is just one more game left to port, Bayonetta 2. The community is asking for the sequel to release on PC as well. We doubt SEGA was able to make much money from the Wii U release so having a PC version is defiantly something to consider.

Bayonetta on PC is a strong indication that SEGA could be testing the waters on this platforms. If successful and the company enough incentive, we will possibly see the second game is released.

If you wish to see Bayonetta 2 on PC, I would recommend picking up Bayonetta 1 to let SEGA and Platinum Games know you what you want.

Would you like to see Bayonetta 2 on PC? Let us know what you think in the comments below.