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Possible KOTOR Remake Reveal Teased For Celebration 2017

Star Wars fans may have a reason to celebrate in the next few days, as a gaming journalist may have just confirmed a possible KOTOR remake. KOTOR, short for Knights of the Old Republic, was a Star Wars RPG game by BioWare that many fans swear by in terms of quality.

The game’s writing, epic story, and the ability to become a Jedi were all important parts of what made the game be seen as one of the best on the original Xbox. The possibility of a remake, even if it isn’t true, is an amazing dream for a lot of Star Wars fans.

Knights of the Old Republic has since gotten a Steam release and even an iPad port, though the visuals have mainly stayed the same. If a possible KOTOR remake does materialize, however, there’s no telling what sorts of changes that BioWare will make to it.

Liam Robertson, the journalist that cracked the story, didn’t have any sources, but he did put a statement about it on his Patreon page. So, while there’s nothing to necessarily confirm it, maybe we’ll learn more about it at some point this week at the Star Wars Celebration convention for this year.

Trailers for Star Wars: Rebels Season 4, EA’s Battlefront 2, and a trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi are already expected for Celebration, so if anything else comes out at that point we’ll likely know pretty soon afterwards.

If there is a possible KOTOR remake in the works, BioWare, or whoever’s working on it, will hopefully work on it hard enough to do the original game justice. With luck, the current generation of Star Wars fans will be able to take part in and see all the cool stuff that was in the original game, with all of the story’s twists and turns.