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Nintendo’s Collaboration with HackerOne to Find Nintendo Switch Vulnerabilities Pays Off, First Bounties Paid

Nintendo has reportedly paid the first bounty as a part of its collaboration with HackerOne to find security loopholes & vulnerabilities in Nintendo Switch system.

The partnership between the two initially started in December 2015 with the aim of finding security loopholes in the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo & HackerOne Team Up for Nintendo Switch

The idea is as simple as it can get! Everyone is free to look for security flaws & submit a report detailing the loopholes. If the submitted flaws are worth consideration, Nintendo will pay the exploiter a bounty; ranging between $100 to $20,000. This amount varies, depending on a number of factors.

Extending the partnership last month, the collaboration now includes security loopholes & exploits regarding the company’s newest console, Nintendo Switch. According to HackerOne‘s official blog, here are some of the activities that Nintendo is looking to prevent:

  • Piracy, including:
  1. Game application dumping
  2. Copied game application execution
  • Cheating, including:
  1. Game application modification
  2. Save data modification
  • Dissemination of inappropriate content to children

As for the vulnerabilities that Nintendo is looking for, these include:

  • System vulnerabilities regarding Nintendo Switch:
  1. Privilege escalation from userland
  2. Kernel takeover
  3. ARMĀ® TrustZoneĀ® takeover
  • Vulnerabilities regarding Nintendo-published applications for Nintendo Switch
  1. Userland takeover

As mentioned earlier, it seems like the program is in full effect since Nintendo has awarded the very first bounties to three persons, named endergamer549, zacharias, & loituma.

From what we gather, while Nintendo Switch looks to be a tad harder to hack compared to Nintendo 3DS, this initiative should help Nintendo even more.

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