New Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Gameplay Shows Minas Ithil Walkthrough

A new video of Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay has given us an abbreviated Minas Ithil walkthrough to look at in the lead-up to the game’s release. Shadow of War is the sequel game to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, which came out back in 2014 for both legacy and current-gen consoles.

Shadow of War, from what we’ve seen in trailers so far, promises to be a much bigger and more epic game than Shadow of Mordor. In the Minas Ithil walkthrough we see today, game developer Michael de Plater takes us through the Gondorian city of Minas Ithil, currently under siege by the Orcs of Mordor, in order to take down a captain leading the siege.

Minas Ithil, in the background lore of Lord of the Rings, was a city built by Gondor at the very edge of Mordor. At the time of the story it’s been conquered by Mordor and turned into Minas Morgul, but here we see it before that happens, as the Gondorian soldiers fight desperately to keep the city from falling. We also meet Idril, a Shieldmaiden of Gondor helping to command the defense.

The walkthrough shows us a number of things that we can do in the city, as it’s its own huge area. Players will be able to kill orcs in an arena, Dominate siege beasts in order to shoot catapults at the orc armies, and explore deep beneath the city to Celebrimbor’s hidden barrows.

The Minas Ithil walkthrough is only one small part of what promises to be an epic game from Monolith, with players being capable of building a massive army of Orcs with the help of a new Ring of Power to destroy Sauron.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War comes out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on August 22 and August 25 of this year.