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Mass Effect Andromeda Concept Art Showcases Unused Alien And Squadmate Designs

Mass Effect Andromeda was in development for five years which means many things were changed and cut from the final product that released on March 21, 2017.

The things that changed along the development also included designs for aliens used in Mass Effect Andromeda. Kotaku has shared a new gallery of Mass Effect Andromeda that showcases abandoned alien designs and different takes on the squadmates.

The concept art was created by BioWare Montreal senior concept artist Ben Lo. The concept art below showcases what seems to be an early design for Kett.

The next concept art showcases what seems to the be angara, riding a four-eyed mount which was also cut from the final game.

However, Bioware not only toyed with the design of aliens but also with the designs of the game’s squadmates, like Cora who went through numerous designs.

In related news, Bioware is working on a new IP and a report has emerged suggesting that the new IP from the Mass Effect studio will be revealed during E3 2017.

According to Industry insider, Liam ‘Unseen64’ Robertson the new IP is codenamed, Dylan. According to the report, the name is related to the game’s protagonist and this new IP from Bioware will be revealed during E3 2017.

Also, EA has already confirmed that the new IP will launch by the end of the current fiscal year which ends on March 31, 2018.

Mass Effect Andromeda is an action-adventure RPG developed by Bioware for PC, Xbox One and PlaySttion 4.